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  • Clients – those we have represented
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Tips for Writing a Review

  • It is best to avoid sharing specifics such as names or the recovery amount.
  • It can be helpful to share type of case you had, what area of town you are from and why you are satisfied with your experience. Others in need may find this information helpful and even comforting to know they are not alone.
  • Several of our clients have shared how their lives have changed following the recovery and their appreciation of our communication, availability and our support team’s abilities and friendliness.

Sample Reviews

Charles Monnett surrounds himself with highly qualified, caring people. Tracy, Helen, Mr. Wood and Charles helped our family through a very difficult time. Thank you all so much for taking care of our mother.

I was in the process of buying a modular home when the owner of the business told me I needed an astronomical amount of money for the closing costs I was unable to pay that so I cancelled the contract. The owner then was giving me a hard time about giving my down payment back I used this firm and they did a wonderful job at negotiating with the owner of the modular home company and I received my full down payment without having to go to court.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I don’t have a Yelp or Google account?
A: Creating an account is quick, easy and free. You can leave a review in less than 10 minutes.

Q: Can I leave multiple reviews?
A: Yes, please do so! We appreciate you taking the time to write multiple reviews.

Q: Can I leave the firm a testimonial in another way?
A: Absolutely, if you would like to write us a testimonial we may place on the website, we would be very grateful. You can send a testimonial through our contact form, or we always enjoy opening a note in the mail.

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