Published On: 2.3.2012 Charlotte, NC

Pfizer Recalls Birth Control Pills After Manufacturing Mix-Up

On behalf of Charles G. Monnett III & Associates


On Wednesday, February 1, The drug maker Pfizer announced that it was recalling millions of birth control packets because some had been packaged incorrectly, potentially causing women to take an inadequate dose and possibly become pregnant. The company has recalled about 1 million packets of Lo/Ovral-28 and its generic equivalent, but the company estimates that only about 30 packets were flawed. The pills were made and shipped last year.

Lo/Orval-28, and its generic form, come in a packet which contains 28 days’ worth of the prescription. The packet includes 21 pills containing the active ingredient that prevents pregnancy and seven placebo pills. The pills are normally color-coded to note the difference. Women are supposed to take the pills in order and not mix the placebos with the active pills. Due to the manufacturing mix-up, the pills in the monthly packet were not packaged in the correct order and could easily cause a missed dose of the active ingredient.

Women need to be aware of this recall and take serious precautions. Most woman taking birth control take it for a reason and an unplanned preganacy would have a serious impact on their lives, both financially and emotionally.

The only good news in this situation is that the drug is not among the more commonly prescribed brands of birth control. Doctors and pharmacists say Lo/Ovral is an older version of the pill and is not as widely prescribed anymore. Hopefully this means not too many woman will be affect by this unfortunate mistake.