Published On: 7.27.2012 Charlotte, NC

Panthers Wide Receiver Steve Smith Pledges $100 – 000 To Colorado Shooting Victims

On behalf of Charles G. Monnett III & Associates


Its been a week since the tragic shooting at a Colorado movie theater that left 12 dead and 58 more injured and many are still looking for ways to help the victims from this horrifying incident. Some victims have serious injuries that require expensive medical treatment and other victims lost their lives, leaving their children and families without a source of income.

In the days following the shooting, it was reported that nearly $2 million had been donated to help the injured victims get through the recovery process, and the families of whose who died. This included donations of time from the Denver Broncos organization who sent several players to visit survivors in their hospital rooms.

Earlier this week it was reported that yet another burden was being lifted from the victims, medical expenses. Most of the hospitals treating victims have offered discounts for the victims or completely covered all of there treatments. The Children’s Hospital Colorado said it will use its charity care program and donations to cover medical expenses for victims of the shooting who do not have insurance and for victims who do have insurance, they will have their co-pays and deductible-related expenses waived.

Yesterday, it was reported that there was another donation to help the victims of the horrific shooting and that this one was coming form a very unlikely source. Carolina Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith pledged to donate $100,000 to ease the burden of the victims of the shooting. This is an extraordinary gesture form Smith, who has no specific connection to the Aurora community, nor to any of those affected. Smith explained his generous donation by saying, “As a father and husband I cannot imagine the pain and suffering the victims are going through. My family’s hearts and prayers are extended to theirs, and I hope this contribution might assist in paying some of the medical bills that will help allow these families to move forward in this tragic circumstance. Hopefully this helps a little bit. From one NFL city to another, God bless.”

It is great to see that in times of great tragedy and loss there are so many willing to help and support these victims in their time of need.