The N.Y. Times has released a 3-D reconstruction of the Keith Lamont Scott shooting scene based on a frame-by-frame analysis of all videos detailing the incident in which Mr. Scott was shot by Charlotte Mecklenburg Police on September 20, 2016.

View the Interactive Scene Reconstruction at the NY Times Website

None of the videos released conclusively answer whether Mr. Scott was in possession of a gun or not. Charles Monnett, one of the family’s attorneys, has indicated that if Keith Scott was in possession of a gun then it may have been located in an ankle holster that police found at the scene.

The autopsy report released on Wednesday, October 12, shows that Keith Scott was shot 4 times, subsequently dying from the gun shot wounds to the abdomen and back.

“The Scott family authorized this release of information because, as they have maintained from the very beginning, they are simply seeking transparency,” Charles G. Monnett, a lawyer for the family, said in a statement. “We will continue to pursue justice for this family.”