Published On: 6.26.2014 Charlotte, NC

How GM Was Driven To Safety

On behalf of Robert Dill of Charles G. Monnett III & Associates


GM put over 2.6 million dangerous cars on the road endangering American lives and causing at least 13 deaths. But if GM had its way, the public would never have known about its deadly ignition switch scandal because GM insisted on court secrecy.

The danger was finally exposed by grieving parents and their attorney.

Put Safety over Secrecy – Support the Sunshine in Litigation Act

This problem is not limited to GM. As a condition of turning over any material to injured consumers and their attorneys, manufacturers of faulty products regularly insist the information be kept secret- even if the product remains on the market and the information could warn the public of a potential health hazard. Americans have a right to know about hazardous and defective products.