Published On: 7.12.2013 Charlotte, NC

Brain And Neuroscience Education For Parents And Kids

On behalf of Charles G. Monnett III & Associates


For parents, kids, and essentially anyone who has an interest in learning more about the brain,Neuroscience for Kids is the free and user friendly website for you. Neuroscience for Kidsis an excellent resource that provides the perfect combination of neuroscience, education, science outreach, and writing, all rolled into a collaborative and creative atmosphere.

Neuroscience for Kids offers a vast amount of fun and interesting educational resources on the brain. It offers parents and kids a variety of learning opportunities within its website, such as those found in its “Explore,” “Experiment,” and “Questions/Answers” section.

In the “Explore” section, for instance, you and your kids can learn about the “Brain Basics,”The World of Neuroscience,” “Sensory Systems,” and much more. Inside each of these sections along with others, you and your kids can find countless of hours worth of educating and “brainy” literature.

If you prefer hands-on learning, the “Experiment” section offers fun “Brain Games,” “Creative Writing Projects,” “Brain Songs,” “Successful Science Fair Projects,” and beyond. “Experiment” provides you, the kids, and your family many ways use your brains while learning from brain education activities.

If you or your kids are simply curious about the brain, Neuroscience for Kids offers a “Questions/Answers” platform, which is a database of answers corresponding to frequently asked questions.

And learning about the brain does not stop there. Neuroscience for Kids provides the convenience of having a multitude of resources on the site that are openly available for you and your kids, which can be accessed on your time and on your schedule. Neuroscience for Kidshas a vast library collection of on-line books, magazine articles, and real audio, along with off-line books and magazines for you and your kids to enjoy.

You can even request new information as soon as it becomes available, via a free newsletter that is sent from Neuroscience for Kids to your email, upon your request.

We encourage you to explore the Neuroscience for Kids website at: