Published On: 8.12.2014 Charlotte, NC

Beware Of Emergency Weekend Surgeries

On behalf of Robert Dill of Charles G. Monnett III & Associates


A recent study by the Journal of Pediatric Surgery has found that emergency surgeries performed on children over a weekend result in many more complications and deaths than the same surgery done on weekdays.

The study looked a large national database that compared 112,064 weekend operations – appendectomies, brain shunts, hernias, bone fractures and abscess drainage procedures – performed on children below the age of 18, with 327,393 operations performed on weekdays.

Complications were found in about 1% of cases and less than .1% of the children died. When the study controlled for sex, age, race, the type of surgery, patients having a procedure on the weekend were:

  • 40% more likely to suffer an accidental puncture or cut
  • 14% more likely to receive a transfusion
  • 63% more likely to die

Dr. Seth D. Goldstein, the lead author and a surgical resident at Johns Hopkins, said that “even though mortality was quite low, if weekend treatment had matched weekday treatment over the 20-year period of the study, about 50 deaths would have been prevented.”

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