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Identity Theft At An All-Time High in the U.S.


Did you know that in 2016, the rate of identity theft in the United States was at an all-time high? A new report indicates that over 15 million consumers in 2016 suffered some degree of identity theft.

This fraud included:

  • Card not present fraud used for online transactions up 40%
  • Opening of new account fraud up 20%
  • Cell phone account takeover has doubled.
  • There has also been a huge increase in medical identity theft in the past few years.

If you are a victim of identity theft, you may be receiving calls or collection letters from creditors about debts that are not yours.  You may see a large drop in your credit score from a debt that is not yours.  A background check or employment investigation may have criminal information or eviction information that is not yours. This is not just about someone opening up a Netflix account in your name; the drop in your credit score stemming from stolen identity can cost you and your family an opportunity to utilize the credit market to buy a house or a car. Incorrect information on your background checks might cost you a job opportunity or an apartment.  This is very serious stuff.

If you believe you might be a victim of identity theft and it is costing you financially, contact our consumer protection lawyers at Maginnis Law. You may call our office at (919) 526-0450 or you can submit an inquiry on our contact page. Our consumer protection lawyers have experience in dealing with identity theft issues and their impact on your financial well-being. We take consumer protection cases on a contingency basis, meaning there is absolutely no charge to you unless we recover some compensation for financial losses. Contact our firm for a free consultation. We take cases all over North Carolina and would love to help you in dealing with your issues.

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