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Construction sites are some of the most dangerous places to work. In addition to injury risks from the misuse of heavy machinery and tools, falling debris and exposed wires, construction workers are at constant risk of falling when working on unstable surfaces or at great heights, sometimes many stories up in the air. If you or a member of your family was seriously injured in a construction site fall, you need a lawyer you can trust to have a positive impact on the quality of your future.

Contact Charles G. Monnett III & Associates to discuss your case in a free consultation. Our firm has practiced exclusively in personal injury law for over 30 years. As a result, our work accident lawyers have a thorough understanding of the injuries resulting from construction falls and the impact they can have on the victim’s life as well as on the lives of the victim’s family. We know what types of compensation you need and deserve, and we are not afraid to fight for it.

Construction Fall Injuries

Falls can result in a myriad of different injuries ranging from broken bones to traumatic brain injury . Other all-too-common construction fall injuries include:

Effectively Handling Construction Site Accidents

Construction accident lawsuits are unique because of the organizational structure of workers, contractors, managers and supervisors. It is sometimes difficult to determine who is at fault for the accident. Our lawyers have extensive experience handling construction accident claims. We know how to identify the negligent party and seek monetary damages for both financial and emotional suffering.

In addition, we are also successful in filing and appealing workers’ compensation claims for accidents occurring while at work.

For examples of our past successes in falls and other construction accident cases, please see our verdicts and settlements page.

Whether you were injured when falling from a ladder, scaffolding or the rooftop of a house, the construction accident attorneys at Charles G. Monnett III & Associates are here to help you collect the compensation you deserve. Contact us for a free initial consultation by calling 704.376.1911 in the Charlotte area or toll free at 1.800.977.3077, or Contact Us online.