Traumatic Brain Injuries

"The Invisible Injury"carolina traumatic brain injury attorneys

Whether you are sitting at a bus stop or in a courtroom, you can't tell if the person three feet from you has a headache. Like a headache, a brain injury is often invisible without clear indication to an outsider of the injury.

We help brain injury victims and their families restore their lives to the greatest extent possible. At Charles G. Monnett III & Associates, we realize the impact a brain injury has on the whole family, not just the injured victim. We understand the drain on your financial resources, time, emotional and physical energy.

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) can be a lifetime injury. When choosing an attorney to represent yourself or a family member, choose carefully. Your lawyer can have a significant impact on whether you recover compensation and its amount. Your attorney should fully understand the nature of the brain injury and foresee all future expenses and necessary care. Without this understanding, they will likely settle for less compensation than what you are entitled to, and it may not be enough to cover future expenses.

Charles Monnett III has over 30 years of experience handling brain injury claims, including traumatic brain injury. He understands many of the causes of traumatic brain injury, including two of the most common: car accidents and motorcycle accidents. Put simply, any trauma to the head can cause traumatic brain injury.

Mr. Monnett has also served on the Board of Directors of the North Carolina Brain Injury Association for over ten years, and was appointed in 2004 by the Governor of North Carolina to the Traumatic Brain Injury Advisory Council to advise state government about the prevention of TBI and the delivery of services to traumatic brain injury victims. Mr. Monnett also has an extensive network of professionals and experts who are skilled in handling and assessing brain injury.