Dangerous Drugs & Defective Medical Devices

There is no doubt that medicines and medical devices play an important role in the treatment and prevention of disease and illness. Some drugs and devices, however, carry side effects and risks that outweigh their potential benefits and render them unsafe. Occasionally, risks and side effects may not be disclosed by the manufacturer. Why would a pharmaceutical manufacturer do this? Because the drug industry is big business with billions of dollars at stake. When many drug makers spend more money on marketing and advertising than they do on safety research, patients and consumers can pay the price. Medical device manufacturers have similar motives to get devices approved and to market, often before long term risks and failure rates of their devices have not been fully studied, or in worst cases, overlooked or hidden.

Medicines can also be unsafe if not dispensed properly by the pharmacy, or if administered improperly by a nurse or other healthcare provider. Pharmacists have duties to fill prescriptions accurately and to check to drug interactions with other medications. Nurses administering medication in a hospital, for example, have a responsibility (among others) to make sure it is the Right Patient, Right Medication, Right Dose, for the Right Reason, and that the patient shows the Right Response.

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