Primerus is an international network of top-rated, independent, law firms that have earned the right to display the Primerus seal of quality. Candidates for membership must have the maximum AV rating from Martindale-Hubbell, the peer review rating source that lawyers use to find other lawyers. Further, a law firm must submit to a rigorous evaluation which includes candid assessments from judges, fellow attorneys, current and former clients, bar associations, and malpractice insurance carriers. Firms must also attest to their commitment to the exacting standards of the Six Pillars of Primerus Quality: Integrity, Excellent Work Product, Reasonable Fees, Continuing Legal Education, Civility, and Community Service. And it doesn’t end there. Primerus firms are audited annually to ensure that they continue to be the “best of the best,” year after year.

“A good way to pick the good (lawyers) from the bad, a sort of Good Housekeeping seal of approval.”
–The Wall Street Journal

Primerus law firms are located in over 100 cities throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and the United Kingdom and offer expertise in hundreds of practice areas. When you need business or personal counsel for a particular legal concern or in an unfamiliar location, the Primerus alliance of independent, top law firms gives you access to experienced lawyers you can trust with the knowledge you need.

Working with independent small or medium-size firms offers distinct advantages. These include the ongoing access to senior partners offering depth of knowledge and years of experience, as well as commitment to excellence, reasonable fees, and responsive service.

The 6 Pillars of Primerus:


Integrity is one of the top qualities sought by corporations when choosing legal counsel. Litigation is a sensitive matter; clients need to be able to trust their lawyers completely.

Excellent Work Product

Excellent work product means all client work is of a consistent, high quality. Records, as well as communication with clients, are detailed and clear. It means phone calls are returned, deadlines met and promises kept. Primerus ensures the quality of members’ work product in two ways. First, we choose members with expertise in certain areas of law, such as product liability, employment, or transportation law. Secondly, Primerus conducts strict pre-screening of member reputations by checking with clients, judges and other lawyers within their communities.

Reasonable Fees

Primerus members recognize that clients are under pressure to control outside counsel costs. All Primerus firms are committed to charging fees that are reasonable based on what is customary in their geographic location and on the individual attorney’s knowledge and experience.

Continuing Education

Primerus attorneys are required to complete an average of 30 hours of continuing legal education (CLE) each year. This is more than twice the typical state bar CLE requirement.


Primerus members hold the courtroom to be a place of honor. Primerus attorneys pledge courtesy and civility, in accordance with the profession’s noblest traditions. Primerus members show respect to their clients and are responsive to their needs.

Community Service

Primerus members believe law, in its purest sense, is community service. The law, fundamentally, exists to hold communities together. Primerus members pledge themselves to a high standard of community service.