How To File A Healthcare Complaint In SC

SC Health Facilities Licensing Bureau offers a way for you to make a complaint against a South Carolina-licensed health care facility. It is recommended that you exhaust all resources trying to resolve your complaint with the licensed facility prior to making a complaint. If that route is unsuccessful, then the SC Health Facilities Licensing Bureau will provide you with assistance.

If you are complaining of abuse in a facility, you need to make your complaint DIRECTLY to the office of the Lieutenant Governor’s Office on Aging.

While complaints made anonymously are accepted by the bureau, you will not be kept informed of the outcome of the investigation due to lack of contact information.

You may file your complaint online here. Otherwise, you will need to complete the DHEC Form 0284 Complaint Form along with any documentation supporting your complaint and email/mail or fax in your complaint.

  • By email:
  • By mail:
    Bureau ofHealth Facilities Licensing
    2600 Bull Street
    Columbia, SC, 29201
  • By fax:

If you are only able to make a complaint by phone, please call 803-545-4370 and let the operator know you wish to file a complaint.