Animal Bites or Attacks

Injuries from unprovoked animal bites and attacks can be severe, particularly when small children are involved. Animal bites and attacks can cause permanent disfigurement, fractures, lacerations and worse. These can be life-changing injuries.

Most states like North Carolina follow the “one-bite” rule, which imposes liability for dog bites and attacks where the owner should be aware that that dog poses a danger to others because of previous conduct. South Carolina, on the other hand, generally holds owners of dogs liable for injuries they cause even without previously demonstrated dangerous conduct.

If you or a loved one suffered personal injuries from a dog bite or attack, the first thing to do after attending to any medical needs is to confirm the identity of the dog’s owner. If the dog’s owner carries homeowner’s insurance, there may be insurance coverage available for personal injuries caused by the dog.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, dog injury claims in 2015 resulted in payouts of over $570 million, which accounted for greater than one-third of all paid homeowner insurance claims. The Insurance Information Institute also reported that in 2015 the average insurance payment for dog injuries nationwide was $37,214 per claim. However, some insurance policies will not cover injuries caused by certain breeds of dogs, so it is very important to confirm as soon as possible whether an injury caused by an owner’s animal falls under an insurance plan’s coverage.