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  • The legal blood alcohol limit in all 50 states is .08.
  • Nearly 1/3 of all traffic-related deaths in the United States are caused by drunk driving.
  • Drugs other than alcohol (for example, marijuana and cocaine) are involved in about 18% of motor vehicle driver deaths.


Both North Carolina and South Carolina prohibit service of alcohol to people who are already intoxicated. The laws that forbid serving alcohol to individuals who are intoxicated are called “dram shop” laws, using the old term that refers to bars and taverns. Whenever there is a collision caused by an impaired driver, there should always be an investigation into whether the impaired driver was enabled by an establishment that serves alcohol.

Because our society does not tolerate intoxicated driving, the persons who serve alcohol at bars and restaurants have a special duty to refrain from serving people who may already be intoxicated and likely to drive. Service of alcohol to intoxicated individuals causes greater impairment and increases the danger posed by intoxicated drivers on our roads.


Just as bars and restaurants should not serve alcohol to people who are already intoxicated, hosts of private parties where alcohol is provided have an obligation to avoid serving people who are already drunk. If a party host knows or should know when a guest may be driving away from the party, there should be no further service of alcohol to that guest. If you’ve been seriously injured by a drunk driver who attended a private party, please call us for a free case consultation.



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In October 2010, my pregnant wife and I were in a horrendous accident in Charlotte, NC, caused by a drunk driver. We were struck head on by the driver travelling at nearly 100mph and sustained many life threatening injuries

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